A media diet for the crazy years (2019, 2020) June 1, 2020

In the last year I read a lot less than normal, while at the same time I watched more streaming shows than I’m used to. I’ve been busier with work, in addition to what’s shaping up to be a crazy year. Stress and burnout kill my ability to focus on long form reading, which is […]

Bruce’s no-knead pizza dough May 31, 2020

This is a super lazy no-knead dough. It’s lazy in that you really only have to measure water, salt, and yeast, and then just add flour until it feels right. And even if it’s too dry or too wet, you can get a pretty good pizza out of it. This is a great dough to practice with, as it encourages you to think about how the dough looks and feels while you’re putting it together.

Did I mention that it’s a super lazy dough?

A very approximate version of Bruce’s pizza sauce May 30, 2020

This is a very approximate version of my pizza sauce. I make it different each time, though the pattern is tending towards what I outline here.

A JavaScript link mashup for Winter 2017: Things I used and liked in the JS universe this year. December 11, 2017

2017 was a good year for JavaScript. The newer language features are now part of our daily routine. Tightly integrated CI and packaging scripts are the norm, and we have a huge sea of libraries and tools available to us. The core JavaScript frameworks have settled down and mature to the point that we can be confident in JS as the base for large-scale commercial projects.

Tip: Become a part of your side projects. May 2, 2017

I’m an idea guy. It’s why I love designing software, both in terms of system design and user experience. I love designing and developing products too. It’s something that can get me fired up, keep me from sleeping, and keep me motivated through even the darkest, rainiest days.

My love-hate relationship with Sprints, Agile, and software development processes in general. April 22, 2017

In PM land we use tools and techniques like burn down charts, sprints, and spikes. You can get obsessed over getting these things right, and fail to ship effective, quality software. The special language used in and around these processes adds to the problem too, as the language ends up feeling like an accomplishment in itself. Too much focus on the pomp and circumstance of a process takes away from actually building great software.

Tips for Avoiding Technical Debt and Regret. August 15, 2016

It’s easy to feel unqualified to measure technical decisions, especially if you’re not technical. You may be disconnected from the planning process or you may not understand the jargon and details of an approach. How can you ask intelligent questions about risk when you feel so separated from what’s happening? How can you make clear decisions about risks with incomplete technical knowledge?

💰 Being Honest About “Technical Debt”. July 17, 2016

At best, we treat software technical debt like consumer debt, where we blissfully ignore the commodity and the terms of our choices, focusing only on our immediate need. At worst, we label our poor technical decisions debt (especially our predecessor’s). It’s a lazy phrase, a cop-out, and is a costly way of doing business.

Do just one more thing March 28, 2012

I have a suggestion. Do just one more thing. If it’s not rude, do another. And another.

Using fonts with ligatures to improve readability February 28, 2021

I set up a new dev laptop for myself over the Christmas holidays. I took the opportunity to burn down my old environment and to survey the 2021 tool landscape, which included testing out various terminals and setups, editors, and fonts. This year I discovered Fira Code, a tidy little monospace font that supports ligatures. […]

🍲 Introducing the food log February 27, 2021

I love food. I love the eating of, shopping for, designing menus around, and above all else, preparation of meals (especially for those closest to me). Cookery is a universe of systemizing making food, to me at least, and is not unlike software design and development.

🎧 Sennheiser wireless noise cancelling headphones sound great, but Bluetooth support is wanting February 6, 2021

I picked up a pair of Sennheiser PXC 550-II Wireless headphones last month to add to my collection of pandemic listening (and Zoom call) devices. These replace my old Sennheiser HD280PRO over-ear studio style headphones, which my youngest borrowed for their pandemic university and D&D setup. Given a 20+ hour battery life, good comfort and […]

Icons and fan art July 17, 2018

When my sketchbook is stale and I’m not feeling inspired, I look to pop culture for inspiration and ideas. I’m also a fan of other artists, and channeling some of their works through my own hands is immensely satisfying. It’s an exercise that pushes you to analyze and rethink a thing that’s interesting to me, […]

Lee Valley: an unexpected place to buy carving tools May 17, 2018

I was looking at buying a set of PFEIL carving tools this year, but was holding off as they’re pretty pricy. I expanded my search a bit and found a similar set from a local Canadian company, Lee Valley Tools. They’re hardened steel with a comfortable wooden handle. They sharpen easily (and keep their edge […]

A savoury media diet for a cold and somewhat dreary Winter (2018) March 18, 2018

One of my favourite reads is Kottke.org, a blog by Jason Kottke. Calling it a blog is a bit of a slight: it’s more of a magazine, like a proto-New Yorker. It’s thoughtful and relevant, weaving current events, artsy things, various interesting edges of tech, and topics about general humanity. Kottke has been killing it […]

A quick review of linoleum and vinyl block printing art blocks February 22, 2018

A coworker was asking me what I used for linocut, so I made a chart of the blocks on my desk. There are several types of blocks that I don’t have in my supplies (like mounted block and clear blocks), but the ones I use are a pretty common set of hobbyist materials. I love […]