About the site

Hi, I’m Bruce Alderson. Welcome to my (mostly) technical weblog. I design and develop software. I write and make artful things using various tools and methods.

I enjoy life in all of its oddness and beauty, especially the distinct, the curious, and the wondrous. Simplicity is possible in anything, where simple is defined as when things fit just so. I subscribe to the belief that who we are is had inch by inch, failure by failure.


The site is a tumble of links, rants, essays, quotes, and other bits — all somewhere within the craft of software and design. There are no comments, nor any contact form. The best filter is public discourse … you taking the time to write a response somewhere, linking back to me. It takes more effort than a comment, and bypasses most of the nonsense that comments invite. And, it gets you writing.

Pre-history, history, and stuff you don’t want to know

This site started a long, long time ago. It was before we called these things weblogs, and before there were tumbles, streams, feeds, and such. The site started out as static HTML, using TABLEs, and an unfortunately small font face on dark, baroque backgrounds. It was hosted on a University system that was connected to the inter web using a shared ISDN connection. It moved to a few hosted services before it settled down on a lovely standard Debian box.

For the past decade the site has been hosted by Dreamhost. They’ve been good and bad. I stick with them as they were my first taste of organized hosting, they’re honest, and mostly it just works. Kudos to them for sticking with the long game. It’s downright respectable.

The site runs as a custom WordPress theme these days, though it’s been hosted using dozens and dozens of other tools.1 It’s always been my testing grounds for new software and techniques. And for what it’s worth, my favourite engine (next to this one) was Blosxom, a bare-to-the-metal Perl thing that just felt right.

Other sites

I have many sites and projects. More than I should even. I especially like RobotPony and The Hacker Ethic, but I also have a portfolio (which lists some of my other projects, clients, and open source software things).

  1. Including Movable Type, Textism (or was it Textile?), Slashcode (LOL), Blosxom, Tumblr, to name a few.