Textile cheat sheet

This is a short Textile cheatsheet. Textile is a simple text markup language used by Basecamp and other Rails projects.

h1. Header 1
h2. Header 2
h3. Header 3
h4. Header 4
h5. Header 5

This is a paragraph, which is text surrounded by whitespace. Paragraphs can be on one 
line (or many), and can drone on for hours.  "Quotes" and 'quotes' are handled 
nicely--as are dashes and such.

Here is a link to "Warped":https://warpedvisions.org.

Now some inline markup like _italics_,  *bold*, and <code>code()</code>. Note
that underscores in words are ignored. Textile also has a few handy character helpers like 
trademark(TM), reserved(R), copyright(C), ellipses ..., superscripts^2, subscripts~2, 
and so on.

!/images/photo.jpeg(this is the alt text)!

bq. Blockquotes are like quoted text in email replies

* Bullet lists are easy too
* Another one
* Another one

# A numbered list
# Which is numbered
# With periods and a space

A mixed list: 

* Bullet one
* Bullet two
## Step 1
## Step 2
## Step 3
* Bullet three
** Sub Bullet 1
** Sub Bullet 2

And now some code:

  // Code requires HTML PRE blocks
  which(is_easy, enough) to_remember();

Text with  
(on the right)  
can be used  
for things like poems  
with the right css.

|_.Col 1|_.Col 2|_.Col 3|

* <, >, =, and <> used for alignment

ABC(Abbreviation definition here)